Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Dollar From the Heart: Kelli Needs Medical Help

     Meet Kelli Rush.  There are many things I could tell you about this lady.  She's kind, she's smart, she's funny, and she's always there to help in the book community, no matter what.  Like most of us here in the indie world, she's dealt with her share of struggles, and lately, those struggles have grown overwhelming.
I could say so many things about this incredible woman.  She's an avid reader, an excellent cheerleader, a platypire, and she's recently come on board as my PA.  But what I really want to tell you is that she needs our help.  She really needs our help.

A Dollar From The Heart is an organization I started a little while ago with the intention of pulling off small miracles when all hope seems to be lost.  I, and many others, believe the indie community takes care of its own.  
Kelli is one of us.
To date, we have helped a family get enough money to relocate when homelessness seemed in the near future, and we helped a family get their gas heat turned on during one of the coldest winters I can recall.
I have faith we can help Kelli, but I need your help to do it.
Here's what I've collected from her GoFundMe page:

"Those that know me, know that financially, we struggle month to month. There was a commercial on TV recently about a 30 day trial for a new hearing aid. I called the number, because it included a free hearing test. I went to Sparks and had my hearing test done on 5/23/2016 only to discover a few things:
1) It is NOT a free trial, it is a "risk-free" trial.
2) My hearing is a lot worse than I suspected.
3) I need a hearing aid for my right ear, and should also get one for my left.
4) Most insurance companies do not cover hearing aids. Those that do, only cover a few hundred dollars (he has never seen one cover more than $300).
5) Hearing aids start at $3,000 and can go up from there.
6) I'm screwed!
What I am asking for, is help to get a hearing aid for my right ear. It would be nice to get one for both, but I would at least like one for the "bad" ear.
I know that I am asking a lot, but please remember, even $5.00 helps. Every penny adds up.
The doctor that did my hearing test told me that there are places, like Starkey, that I can apply for assistance, however the application for Starkey is $250 and there is no guarantee that I will get help.
He also said that there are sometimes "recycled" hearing aids that he comes across. If that happens, and I have the funds, I would go for that, as I don't care if it is recycled or not, as long as I can afford it!
Thank you all for reading this. Please share to help get this out there and hopefully help me get something that I desperately need."
These are the times in which I wish I was a millionaire, but alas, I am only a small indie author. So here's where you come in.  If you've got it to spare, please consider donating to Kelli's GoFundMe Page.  The minimum is $5, so if you don't have that, but want to give something, you may send $1 to Kelli's paypal ( rushkelli2014@gmail.com ) via FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  Let her know it's from #ADFTH so that we can keep track of donations.  You may also comment below when you do so.  
If you do not have $1, but you still want to help, please consider sharing this post or the GoFundMe page with your friends.
Authors - Reach out to your street teams to see if they would be interested in taking up donations.  
Imagine if 3,000 people read this and each donated only $1.  Just $1.  Wouldn't that be amazing?
Now, I know a lot of people criticize GFM pages, but I'm here to tell you I am not one of those people.  Sometimes people need help.  If you've never been in a situation where you have to live paycheck-to-paycheck you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.  Kelli is not asking for a handout, but rather, a hand up.  Posting this was my idea.  Activating #ADFTH was my idea.  I want to help her, but I can't do it without you, indies.  
Thank you for your time. We'll keep you updated on the progress!

Current total raised: $90

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