Monday, October 26, 2015

Need a gift idea for Christmas? Look no further!

While some people may complain about it (few and far between, mind you), we here at IABB pride ourselves with providing relatable content for our followers.  It doesn't matter if you're a reader, writer, or blogger--we've got something for everyone.

To help you keep up with it all and to make your shopping experience easier, I have created this blog post with all of our designs and all the links you need to get them.

Please note:  If you intend on purchasing one of our designs as a gift for someone I strongly recommend purchasing on or before November 30th to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

*****Limited Edition*****

Writer Humor - $20.99 (+$2 for plus sizes)
Available as a t-shirt, ladies tee, and hoodie
4 colors available
Devilish Design - $20.99 (+$2 for plus sizes)
6 colors available

*****Best Sellers*****

Pay No Attention (Writer Humor) - $19.99 (+$2 for plus sizes)
Also available as a sweatshirt!

Available in 6 colors

Books Make Me Happy Sweatshirt - $21.99 (+$2 for plus sizes)
and hoodie ($26.99)

mug - $10

mug - $10

Sweatshirt - $21.99 (+$2 for plus sizes)
Also available as a mug, hoodie, t-shirt, or ladies tee

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